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Construction References

Here are some of our references and past building and remodeling projects. Contact information will be provided upon request.

We will be adding photos for many of these projects. Check back soon.

Commercial References
 Dr. George Hobeich
Dr. Hartly Begoun
Dr. John Rosenberg
Fred Howard
Gary Bynum
Glen Luckies
Greg Furrier
Leon Tremmel
Michael Alonge
Michael Murphy
Michael O'toole
Mike Sarikas
Neal Klineman
Thom Sylvester
Yuki and Leona Watabie
Residential References
 Al & Kelly Vishnevetsky
Barbara Beaudry
Bill & Marcie Baker
Brick Storts
Bruce Schulman
Christina Dong
Cody and Patsy Ritchie
Dave & Trish Hatfield
Dave and Nicky Keefe
Dave and Peg Mancini
David Myers
Dennis & Misty Bene
Dennis & Veronica Bene
Eduardo & Susan Aguirre
Fred Howard
John & Kate Carlon
Judy Hartly
Lisa Otani and Pat Sloggi
Marty & Daryl Ostrander
Mickey Wilder
Neal Cash
Rhonda Rawson
Sirini & Usha Raghavan
Ted Chapman
Tracy Beaudry
and many more
Example Past Projects
 99 Cent Store
Anna's Linens
Baby USA
Beaudry Corporate Offices
Beaudry RV Paint & Body Shop
Beaudry RV sales offices
Beer Bottoms Bistro
Body Works Studio
Bonzai Center
Broadway Village
Diva Hair and Nail
Dunn Edwards Paint Store
Edward Jones
Great Waves Hair Salon
Hillside Dental
Hush Hair Salon
La Paloma Academy classroom improvements
Maui Beach Tanning Salons
Mr. Goodcents
Oracle Tower Retail Center
Osaki Asian Bistro
Porsche Audi Remodel
Raging Sage Coffee
Tucson Medical & Safety
Tucson Newspapers Inc. - Distribution Center

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